Sunday, January 24, 2016

Post #3 Baby Update

Here I am with just over three weeks left!  I have been doing well, although starting to feel the effects of the pregnancy.  This past week, I had a few rough days with very little energy and breath left.  It is amazing how much a baby can suck out of you.  I am usually full of energy and have found myself just needing to sit down.  I definitely am struggling with what I would like to get done and with what I can actually get done.
37.5 weeks

I am just waiting on some blood work to see my iron levels.  If they are too low we will not be given the option of a home birth which will be disappointing.  Our two girls were hospital births with the midwives but we were hoping to try to stay home this time.  I guess we leave it on God's hands and pray only for a safe delivery.  Thankfully our baby is doing well.  He continually reminds me of his presence and I am anxious to meet him.  He is measuring on track and giving me lots of Braxton Hicks ;)

So what is left to be done around here,...well a nursery for one!  Here it is right now!

Yup it is still Dan's office.  Although here is Dan busy working on his new office in the basement.

What a handsome man!

He assures me that we can set up the nursery next week even if he has to temporarily use the spare room for work.  I really can't complain, he works hard and well a baby doesn't really use a nursery for awhile.  I just need to remind my nesting/organized self to just relax a little.    
In the meantime I have created some diaper cream, sewed a wet diaper bag and organized some clothes.  I am enjoying the change from all the pink and welcoming these blues, reds, greys and browns.

In the meantime, here is our current "baby" who doesn't look much like a puppy anymore but definitely still acts as one.  We read the Bible story the other day of Samson and laughed as it stated, "his wisdom did not match his muscle."  Well that pretty much sums up our dog.  He is mighty and stupid but I love him!  


  1. You look great!
    May I ask what breed your dog is?

    Br, Ilse

    1. Thank you for your kind words. He is a boxer. This is our second boxer, we love their way with kids. Great family dog.