Friday, February 26, 2016

Meet our Baby Isaiah

So it has taken me a little to write this post.  I have been  preoccupied, falling in love with our little boy.  Our precious son Isaiah arrived on February 18, 2016.  We are already so in love with him, our hearts are full.

For those of you who are interested in the birth story, I thought this would be a great place to write it out.  Isaiah was due February 16.  During the week leading up to this date I had been having a lot more Braxton Hicks and some other more "suspicious" contractions.  Overall I felt they were stronger than the regular BH but wasn't sure if it was the real thing.  On Isaiah's due date, our region was hit with a terrible snow storm.  I was warned by my midwife not to do anything that could induce labour.  No one wanted to drive in it! It was the one day in the week I really was hoping he would stay inside.
The amount of snow we received on his due date!

The next day I had midwife appointment and was told it could be in a day or so.  After much debate we decided that the girls should go to their Opa and Oma's house and that the dog should go to the kennel.  Of course with all that planning, nothing happened the first night :(

On the 18th I enjoyed a morning of movies and just hanging out with Dan.  We never have the TV on during the day...I felt like a rebel.  We decided to do a little shopping and go out for lunch so I could walk around.  I had felt stronger "contractions" throughout the morning and then during lunch I had a couple stronger contractions which had Dan saying, "We are going home!"  Since we were planing for our first home birth, I agreed.  No one wants a baby out in public.
2 hours before meeting Isaiah

Once home, I had a nap and felt a few more conractions throughout the afternoon, still not sure if these were the "real" ones.  I actually googled people's opinions on contractions because these were not what I remembered from the girls but they felt strong.  I was surprised to read more people experiencing the same feelings.  I now started to see that perhaps I was in labour.

By 5:00 pm I decided maybe I should time them to see if there was a pattern.  Well sure enough they were about 10 minutes apart and lasting for about a minute or longer.  Hmm maybe these are real.  So I did the true test and took a bath.  No change! Dan, who by now was getting a little anxious said, "I think we should call the midwives." Not being one to disturb others for no reason I said, "No not yet, I just want to be sure."  I can get a little too focussed on just moving things along which I think worries my husband.  About 10 minutes later I had one that took my breath away and told him we could call the midwife!

Both midwives arrived just after 7:00 pm.  Normally just one comes first, but they expected a quick labour due to my history. Unfortunately when they checked me, I was only 3 cm and still only having contractions about every 10 minutes.  In my head I was thinking....I did call them too early.

Determined not to be in labour long, I just kept walking around.  Meanwhile, the midwives were discussing with Dan about getting their equipment out of the car and making something to eat.  A moment or so later my water broke and the contractions came one on top of the other.  Plans changed. I barely had time get out of my wet clothes and make it to the bathroom.  Contractions lasted about 30 minutes and they were bearable.  Finally it was time to push!  Dan was right there and was able to "catch" him!  He was so honoured to be able to take our son. By 8:15 we were holding our Isaiah!

His name is one we had picked out around 4 months.  I really feel the meaning of a name has a bearing on the child and so I won't consider a name until I know what it means.  I had also been praying about choosing the right name.  I wanted a name that represented God being the centre/reason of your life but didn't know if there was a name to go with it.  One day Dan came home and inquired of the name Isaiah.  I like it a lot, but naturally wanted to know its meaning.  Wasn't I blown away when I found out Isaiah means; YAHWEH (GOD) is Salvation!  We never considered another name again.

We have really been enjoying having a little boy.  The girls are smitten with him.  They are constantly asking to hold him, walk around with him and smoother him with kisses.  He is a blessed little boy with such caring big sister.  My heart is full.

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