Monday, April 16, 2012

To the Netherlands and Back

    I am back from a wonderful week away with my dad.  I feel truly blessed to have spent so much time with him and my extended family.  It was a quick whirl wind of a trip, however very relaxing at the same time.  We were greeted by my aunt and uncle who were also our hosts for the week.  They spoiled us with attention, excellent food and an place to sleep.
     I spent the week touring around, visiting with relatives and enjoying great conversations with my dad.  I definitely missed my husband and girls but loved the break from the "everyday."  The wedding of my cousin was definitely the highlight.  They organized a delicious dinner and an awesome dance party.  I will never forget the image of my cousin lifting up my dad so he could jump even higher to one of the songs.  The evening gave me even more insight into Dutch culture and music.  I am truly thrilled to have had this opportunity and will cherish this time forever.
    Now back to some cooking and learning!

Enjoying some salted herring at the market in Epe.

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