Friday, April 06, 2012


     I am overwhelmed with the positive feedback about my blog.  I am thrilled that I have viewers who are as interested in eating well I am.   As I learn more about the changes in wheat production, the negative effects of dairy and the almost drug like addiction caused from refined white sugar, I am happy to keep these foods out of our bodies and hope my recipes will make this easier.
     If you have read my "About" page, you will have learned that my dad has a cancerous tumour growing on this kidney.  Thanks to God's grace his tumour has shrunk over 60% and is now only in one are to another organs, opposed to seven places it was before!  He has been feeling great and looks fantastic.  Tomorrow, I have the opportunity to join my dad on a trip to the Netherlands.  I am looking forward to this time to travel with just him and to meet up with some family while we are there.  Once we return, dad will be undergoing surgery to remove what remains of his tumour.  We pray God will ensure this surgery is a success and cancer will never enter his body again.  See you again in a week or so.
Tot ziens,

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