Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Big Thank You

    I just wanted to write a note to thank my friends and family for all the support.  I have a great husband who is setting up all the various accounts.  His assistance is a true compliment.   I have yet to figure it all out but at least I do have a Facebook page now The Healthy Happy Wife. I  have some great friends giving me words of encouragement and trying out the recipes.  I am completely flattered.
    I would like to thank my oldest sister for the photography tips. I am still trying to figure out the camera but there are signs of improvement. She is also the one who spent hours with me creating the header picture.  Yes, we set up all those beans and grains.  Thank you to my youngest sister for actually trying out the recipes and letting me know about any potential errors. Sometimes I get so excited to get something posted I neglect looking over the finer details.
     I am really enjoying just having a place to store my ideas and think it is truly fabulous that people are actually using this site.  I welcome any ideas and feedback.  Like I mentioned this is a learning process for me as well so we might as well learn together.



  1. You're doing a fantastic job Irene, keep it up. I enjoy figuring this out with you as well. Having seen how much effort you put into this definitely shows your passion for a healthy lifestyle. Figuring out how the blog connects with twitter, facebook, google ads, email followers, etc. is the least I can do, and I enjoy that part of it anyway. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the world needs more Irenes.

    1. I think your husband is absolutely right. Anyone who knows you well is probably in agreement that this is what you are meant to do - educate and inform about healthy eating. Keep up the great work Irene! xo