Monday, December 07, 2015

Post #2 -Baby Update

It has been a long time since I have written and especially about the baby.  Life has been busy with homeschool, family, church and just life.
7 months

Our baby seems to be doing very well.  We have given him the nickname of "Walter."  My father in law had a terrible feeling that we were going to name him Howard, after our dog who recently passed.  My husband told him not to worry that the baby's name was Walter and since that time, that is what we have been calling him.  I am a little worried that my second child will be calling him Walter even after birth.

The girls are getting very excited as they see new clothes, furniture and baby paraphernalia come into the home.  Next week begins the process of building my husband's office downstairs so we can create a nursery.  I am starting to get into the nesting phase and my organized personality is beginning to get the better of me.  For the rest, I have been feeling very good.  The only struggle for me is painful hips when sleeping. It is getting harder and harder to get comfortable in bed but this too will pass.

Among the regular chiropractor appointments, I am also seeing my naturopath to get prepared for the birth and the GBS test.  Among the regular list I posted here I have now added or increased:

  • 1-2 garlic capsules a day
  • Fish Oil 2000mg/day
  • Vitamin D 3000 IU/day
  • Vitamin C- 1800-2000mg a day
In a few weeks I will be starting a liquid tincture of Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum/Blue Cohosh to help prepare my uterus and pelvic tissue.  

30 weeks

In the meantime, we have added another member  to our family  Samson joined us over a month ago. It was a surprise for me from my husband and yes I did want another dog.  I knew Dan wasn't ready yet after our other boxer had passed so I had kind of dropped the subject.  To my surprise he decided he was ready and found our Samson.  

Life with a puppy is busy!.  A few weeks ago he was driving me crazy.  He was chewing furniture, plants, dirt, the kids feet, not listening, having accidents etc.  Last week however, he definitely showed signs of learning.  He hasn't had an accident in about 5 days, he usually stays out of the bedrooms, and isn't biting at the kids as much.  He usually comes when called, can sit and shake a paw and is chewing on less things.  Although, as I type he is licking pants...we still have a lot to learn.  
Samson our Boxer Puppy
Isn't he cute in a goofy, kind of way?

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  1. You look radiant! We all await Walter's arrival!