Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Without Candy

A friend of mine posed a question the other day about non-candy Easter Hunt Ideas so I thought maybe I would share a few of my ideas but would love to hear yours. Easter in our home is really about the gift that Jesus gave us and this is not to be overshadowed but bunnies, eggs and candy. Our home, church and their school really surround them with the true celebration for Easter and I can't give enough thanks for the love we have been given.
Since Easter is such a celebration, we do enjoy having a little fun with the girls.  Every year we have set up an egg hunt for the girls and their cousins.  They may find one or two pieces of dark chocolate in an egg but for the most part there are filled with other fun ideas.

Here are a few ideas of things that we have put in our eggs:

  1. coins (who doesn't like adding to a piggy bank)
  2. tattoos
  3. barrettes
  4. hair elastics
  5. lip gloss
  6. nail polish
  7. socks 
  8. shoe laces
  9. band-aids
  10. beads
  11. glow sticks
  12. lego
  13. play-doh
  14. seeds for the garden
  15. pieces of a puzzle
  16. notes of things to do (give out a hug, jumping jacks, act like a tiger etc.)
  17. questions about the Easter story
  18. notes of where to find another egg
  19. pieces of a treasure map to find a larger treasure (I tend to use practical ideas for the treasure ie. night light, crafts, markers, outside toys, games, books, new bathing suit)


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