Sunday, December 01, 2013

Happy Advent Season and a DIY Advent Calendar

Today starts the first Sunday of the Christian Season of Advent.  Today we began our count down to Jesus birthday.  I had actually never done an advent calendar with my girls, I know sad but my youngest keeps asking, "Are we at Christmas?"  "When are we going to Christmas?" etc.  I figured a calendar would be a good way to visually show her how long till Christmas day.  The whole calendar will symbolize the Christmas season.

I decided to make my own as I am not keen on giving them chocolates each day and I am also a picky chocolate eater and couldn't find one with dark chocolate.  The only problem with home-made, is that I am not a crafty person.  As you can see, it is really rather simple, but it works.  I like the idea of separate envelopes, as this way I could write my own notes, create my own activities and thus limit the edible treats.
In case you get the gumption to create your own, here are a few ideas I came up.

  • make paper snowflakes
  • decorate a Christmas ornament (set aside)
  • make a Christmas card for someone you love
  • make a paper chain
  • make a craft/bake for your teacher
  • do something for our neighbours
  • watch a Christmas movie
  • sing your favourite Christmas carol
  • have a candle light dinner
  • read a Christmas book
  • play a family game
  • colour Christmas pictures (printed and set aside)
  • give a treat (included in the pouch) to someone else
  • special activities for the advent candles of (hope, peace, joy and love)

Have fun with it.  If I can make my own you definitely can as well.  The girls did help me with making the board and are just thrilled with opening something each day.  I don't think they care what it looks like.

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