Monday, December 09, 2013

A Kentucky Road Trip, Wonderful People, Cleansing Tea, a Snowstorm and Fast Food?

Dan and I had the opportunity to travel to Kentucky this past weekend.  We were invited to a company Christmas party, so we took the opportunity to turn it into an extended weekend get away. My in laws were so gracious for looking after our girls for us so we could have some time on our own.

It isn't often that we get some time away together, but when we do, we both realize its importance.  I always feel like I get to see those fun qualities of his that get overlooked in the business of everyday.  Dan can be quite witty and we get in a lot of laughs.  We did a total of 18 hours of driving together and it flew by.  I loved the uninterrupted conversations and the time to just hang out as a couple.

One of the highlights of our trip was definitely meeting Dan's boss and his wife.  I think I found my American sister.  I have never met anyone with whom I have so much in common.  It was truly rewarding having someone understand and share my passion for Christ, my family and nutrition.  If only there weren't 2500 km between us.
During our visit I was given a delicious home-made tea.  I have gotten out of homemade tea making, but have since been reminded of its great taste.  This tea is simply made of dandelion, sage and lemon which is simmered in water on the stove. Dandelion is frequently used for ailments with regards to the kidneys and liver.  Lemon and Sage provide antioxidants and antibacterial properties. I highly recommend it and would love to get back into making more teas.

On another less healthy note, Dan and I took notice of some reoccurring restaurant chains we saw on the way.  There seemed to be a lot of fast food advertisements on the freeway exits in the US, so on the way home we decided to take a tally.  I know we are geeks.  We were right, with McDonald's being the most popular.  In our 8 hour drive from Cincinnati to Buffalo we saw 29 McDonald's off the freeway.
So what about Canada?  Well if you are Canadian you know that Tim Horton's is most likely the most popular.  In only a 4 hour drive from Buffalo to Kingston we saw 35 Tim Horton's off the highway.  Hmm, not sure which country offers better food, as neither are places we frequent.  Dan on the other hand was disappointed there weren't more Starbucks and I wouldn't mind some juicing places...but they didn't seem to exist.
The purpose of the trip was a Christmas party, however funny enough it was cancelled due to a snowstorm Poor Cincinnati was blasted with a good amount of snow and not enough snow plows.  To be honest, I think the cancelled party really worked in our favour, as we got to spend more time with great friends. Who doesn't like an evening of Christmas carols and a game of Settlers of Catan?

Many blessings,

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