Thursday, August 09, 2012

What's Eating Your Child Book Review 3

I continue to read and I still recommend this book.  It has so much great information which I know would help many of you.  I feel like I constantly have conversations with other parents about these topics.  This book really gives a clear description and makes an awesome support for you to take to your family doctor.

In these last few chapters I have learned some great tips on how to help picky eaters eat a larger variety of food.  I agree with Dorfman as she suggests that as parents, we are quick to give up on food when our child turns their nose at it for the first time.  Children need continued exposure to certain foods before they become part of their diet.  To help aid the introductions of new foods, Dorfman introduces the E.A.T. Program.
E - Eliminate any irritants that may be causing a poor reaction to food (gluten, dairy, sugar or zinc levels*)
A - Add one food at a time
T - Try one bite of this food for two weeks at a time

Along with eating one bite of food, Kelly describes the incentive program that is placed in response to the     behaviour of eating. Example "Once you finish your bite we can play outside."

* Common Irritants
dairy-can line the intestinal walls with mucous, cause diarrhea, constipation
gluten-cause severe stomach upset, headaches, gas, reflux
sugar-acts like heroin, thus very addicting
zinc-low zinc levels can alter how food tastes, smells etc.

The next few chapters were very informative especially if your children experience these symptoms:
-Baby/Toddler who continually spits up
-Child whose tummy always hurts
-Child who isn't growing
-Bumpy skin

I am looking forward to the next few chapters about sleeping, hyperactivity, moods and anxiety.
Stay tuned!

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