Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are You Eating Toxic Food Colouring?

My daughter has unfortunately discovered that candy can change the colour of your tongue.  I have since taught her about the dangers of why her mouth changes colour and that natural foods don't generally cause such a reaction.  Although she sometimes gets confused and will ask if the blueberries made her tongue blue, she is now more aware and understands when I withhold certain "treats" she has been given.  

So what are these food dyes and what are they doing to our bodies?
Dr. Mercola has created a breakdown of these dyes and their effects.Are You and Your Family Eating Toxic Food Dyes.

Unfortunately, Canada is behind in recognizing these dangers.  In some part of Europe some colours have already been banned, while others have had to lower their amounts.  I have also heard that packages have warning labels stating that the colours will increase hyperactivity. Canada however, is still working on properly labelling which colours are actually in our food.  Please do your own research and consider eating a rainbow of natural colours.


  1. Interesting fact for you - if you look at the ingredient list for food coloring you will see 'propylene glycol'. This is, in fact, the same chemical that people put into boiler heating systems to prevent freezing. It is also known as 'antifreeze'. (its a different chemical than used in cars, which is ethylene glycol, but the same principal)

  2. Wow now that is so scary. Thank you for sharing. As if this is even aloud!