Hi, I am Irene Shaver.  I am so glad you have found my website.  I do hope you will continue to visit this site and learn as I do.  
     Writing about myself is not an easy task.  Who am I?  I am a believer in Christ, a wife and a mother.  I am passionate about three things, faith, my family and healthy eating.  My interest in healthy food started at a young age by the influence of my mother.  She had a very large vegetable garden which not only supplied most of our produce but also taught us about how to grow foods which were rich in colour and flavour.  Even though we didn't always welcome the kale, brussel sprouts and green beans we were continually exposed to a variety of foods that kept us healthy.
     Once I lived on my own I continued to eat my vegetables but added in convenience foods and was mislead by "food" labels.  I began experiencing migraines and we struggled with growing a family.   In 2005, my husband and I decided that we wanted to change our lifestyle in order to be proactive about our health.  We started seeing a Naturopath and exploring a healthier diet and way of life.  Reducing our toxins and balancing out our bodies, not only helped us feel better but allowed us to get pregnant much easier.  Since that time we have been blessed with two beautiful little girls.
     Being a mother has caused me to care even more about the effects of food, drugs and our environment.  I now have three people that I care about and want to protect.  I do thank God that I had the benefit of learning so much prior to having children.  I really feel that what we eat plays a huge factor into our behaviour.  I don't think it is simply personality that allowed me to have two easy going babies who are growing up into little girls who are focussed and intelligent.

     In addition to being a wife and a mother, I am also a behaviour consultant for children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.  Being immersed in an unfortunately growing disorder, I see first hand the effects of diet and health care on these innocent bodies.  It is not a mystery to me as to why we are seeing our children suffer with all kinds of ailments and disorders.  We can't continue to live in an environment full of toxins, eat foods that shouldn't be called food and then pump our children full of drugs/chemicals and not wonder why they don't seem typical.
     Over a year ago my father was diagnosed with cancer.  A very large tumour has been growing on his kidney.  With a lot of prayer, a change in diet and chemotherapy, dad has become cancer free.  His physicians continue to talk about his miraculous recovery.  God gave us food to eat and I feel that is the only food we should be eating.

     During the past seven years, I have had many people ask me for some support in changing their eating habits.  So my darling husband Dan decided do surprise me on Christmas 2011 by creating this blog so that it would be easier for me share with others.  Thank you for encouraging and believing in me.  I am a Healthy Happy Wife.
        I just pray my website may be a tool for us all to learn ways to take a proactive stance in keeping our bodies well.  I look forward to hearing from you and gaining more knowledge.
Bless and be blessed,

Irene Shaver