Safer Cleaning

     Toxins can enter our systems through the food we eat but also through the environment we live in.  Why not "clean up" your home by removing harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products.  Many cleaners will actually compromise our skin making it more permeable, which allows more toxins to pass directly into our bodies.  Over exposure to harsh cleaners can cause eczema and even asthma.  Chemicals can also be stored in our cells and even passed from a mother to her unborn baby.
     I hope to post some homemade cleaners, which I have tried and tested.  They will not only help keep your family and pets safe but also our environment.  Do take some precaution when/if using essential oils.  They are highly concentrated and should never been ingested.

All Purpose Spray Cleaner (Chemical Free and Environmentally Safe)
Bathroom Cleaner for Tubs, Tiles and Sinks (Chemical Free)
DIY Homemade Foam Hand Soap
DIY Hand Sanitizer
DIY Laundry Detergent
DIY Wood Sealant, Polish or Wax
Homemade Liquid Soap
Natural Cleaning Paste

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